Monday, February 27, 2012

Adult Only Weekend

Last weekend Scott and I took a long weekend trip to San Fransisco.  Thanks to both sets of grandma's (and grandpa M) we were able to leave the kiddos at home and have an adult only weekend.  It was wonderful... we slept in, stayed up late, ate out without having to worry about kids spilling, caught two BYU basketball games - one in San Fran and one in Santa Clara, toured Alcatraz, and had some much needed R&R.  I did not take very many pictures (and didn't get any of the two of us together-I think I am slipping), but here are some of the highlights...

By Saturday I was missing my kiddos so I was glad to have an extra day on Monday (thanks President's Day) to spend with them... here they are listening to Pop Corn Bobbing (Olivia's birthday gift from Grandma H- primary songs jazzed up- she loves it and so does Nate!).  

These two are sure cute (most of the time).   Nate is talking up a storm... I understand about four words and the rest is gibberish, but I know he is telling me some very important things. 

Olivia comes up to daddy tonight and says "Nate is stinking up my room". Sure enough he had pooped his pants and was literally stinking up her room.

We have been trying to extend her repetoire of movies (I can only see  Little Einsten so many times before going crazy)  and our most recent is Jungle Book.  She keeps singing me the Bear Masistimies song.   She really gets into so it is pretty funny as she tries to say necessities.

BYU Basketball is over for the regular season- we have had a lot of fun attending as a family- Go Cougars!  Here we are at the final game on Saturday afternoon:

Monday, February 13, 2012

Birthday Girl

As previously posted Olivia turned 3 on February 3.  She has been telling people she is almost three for months and was so excited when it was finally her birthday. We celebrated by having Mac and Cheese at Cracker Barrel (her choice).   The next day she invited a few of her friends  to a gymnastics birthday party at Airtime Gymnastics. I think the kids of all ages (especially the daddies in the foam pit) had a great time. She is so lucky to have so many friends and cousins right around her age to play with.  We sure love this birthday girl!

 We got our first heavy snow of the season yesterday (enough that Scott pulled out the snow blower) and  Olivia insisted she help daddy shovel the walk yesterday.

Friday, February 3, 2012


This  spunky, sweet, spirited girl turns 3 today.  Oh how I love this beautiful girl... she came unexpectedly into our lives three years ago today  and she is now our world.   Happy Birthday Baby Girl!