Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kiddos at 2.5 Years and 7 months

This month Olivia turns 2 and a half- she is growing up way to fast.  Although I am a little sad to see her grow out of her toddler years it is so fun for me to watch her grow and learn.  Here are some things about Olivia right now:
  •  She is very smart.  She knows all of her letters by site and what they say.  She also knows all of her shapes, colors, and can count to 30.
  • Her favorite movies are Despicable Me and Rio (or and we can't forget Elmo's World).  Last night we made cookies and she told me that she was making cookie robots just like Gru.
  • She loves gymnastics.  We took the month of August off from gymnastics and she asks me everyday- "I go to gymnastics?"
  • She loves music and loves to sing- current favorites are The Farmer in the Dell, Bingo, Follow the Prophet,  and The Wiseman and the Foolish man.  She is typically the only kid singing in nursery.
  • She is having a hard time with nursery.  She was doing pretty well until they split our ward three weeks ago and all of the friends she played with are in the old ward.
  • She loves playing outside on the swings and the slides.  She also loves playing at the Splash Park.  Monday morning she woke up  and told me today we go to Rachel's and then we go to the Splash Park- as if she had it all planned out.  So of course we had to go.
  • Her favorite friends right now are Hayden, Lalee, Jace, and cousin Emma. 
  • She getting to be a picky eater, but loves Mac and cheese, avocados, and steak.
  • She acts so grown up sometimes I forget she is only 2 and a half.  There are days however when she reminds me by throwing a full blown tantrum or turns on the tears if she doesn't get her way.  Overall she is a really good kid and we sure love her a lot. 
Little Nate is now 7 month old and gets cuter every day. Here are some things about Nate at 7 months:
  •  He has two teeth on the bottom and the top two should cut through any day.
  • He is crawling (everywhere).  He is much more active than Liv ever was when she started crawling. 
  • He is pulling himself on chairs, the couch, really anything he can climb.  Not standing yet, but is really close.
  • He is sleeping through the night most nights.
  • He continues to babble a lot.  The last couple of days I have noticed that he is saying Da Da Da.  
  • He is a mama's boy. 
  • He is a very happy baby and really laid back but he lets you know when he is hungry, tired, or wants your attention.  
  •  Loves solid food.
  • Is putting everything into his mouth he can get his hands on.
  • Loves his big sister and laughs and laughs when she plays with him.  
  • A perfect fit to our little family and we couldn't love him any more. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Farm Country

Yesterday the kiddos and I met Brittany, Becky, and their kiddos at Thanksgiving Point to take advantage of $2 Tuesday.  We had a great time- the girls got a pony ride, we fed the ducks, took a wagon ride,  milked a cow, and saw lots of horses, chickens, ducks, cows, and pigs followed by ice cream-  What a great way to spend a Tuesday afternoon.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Friday, August 5, 2011

Sealed, Blessed, and the Pioneers

This weekend we were able to take Nathan to the Provo Temple and have him become a part of our Forever Family. For those of you who are not part of the LDS faith- We believe that the family is not only together on this earth, but in the life to come and the temple is the key to this. We were surrounded by friends and family who love us and Nathan and Olivia.  He is such a sweet little spirit that has come into our lives and changed us for the better. 

My mom made Olivia's dress and it was perfect. She has been excited for weeks telling everyone, including complete strangers that she was going to the temple. She got new white shoes, a new white dress, and mommy found her a necklace and a bracelet-she looked just like a princess.
 It was a crazy day for me and I didn't get any pictures on my camera. Brittany got a couple of my kiddos and we had some professional ones taken that I should have in a couple of weeks -stay tuned.

After the temple we had Nathan's Blessing (Christening) at our house followed by lunch.  It was a wonderful day  and we are so grateful for everyone who came and shared the special day with us.

Over the 24th (Pioneer Day) weekend we went to Monroe, Utah to spend the day with Scott's family.  Scott's great great grandpa settled in Monroe and the town has a huge 24th of July celebration.  Saturday morning we got to see the parade and then played with cousins all afternoon.  What a fun day!
This is all the Magleby cousins (minus Aria) and I thought this picture was great- not one of them were looking right at the camera.

Nate with his fire truck he got at the parade.

Liv at the parade.

Here are two cute pics of the kiddos from the last two weeks.  Olivia is the craziest sleeper I know.  Here is she is on the couch-yes she slept that way.

Here is little Nate showing off his two bottom teeth- such a cutie.

We got Nate's room done last week before everyone came over.  Here is the the finished product... at least for right now.  It is still a work in process, but I really like how it turned out .