Thursday, April 28, 2011

Three Months (plus a couple of weeks)

Our little man is now three months old  (plus a couple of weeks).  He is growing so fast and as he fills out gets even cuter (if that is possible).  This month he has started to laugh and giggles anytime we tickle underneath his chin or on his sides.     
If I have him propped up against a pillow on the bed or the couch he tries to pull himself into a sitting position.  He has started to reach for things. The other morning he was sitting up and noticed his toes for the first time- it is so fun to watch him discover something new. 

The little stinker is still waking up two or three times a night.  He still has all of his hair other than a small bald patch on the back of his head- he has so much hair unless you really look we can cover it with the crazy curls in the back.  His little personality is emerging and so far he is laid back other than when he is hungry and then he lets you know.

He has outgrown most of his three months clothes.   He "talks" more than Olivia did at this age and she "talked" a lot so it will be interesting to see how the two compare as he grows. He still doesn't like bathes and  hates being on his tummy.

He loves his big sister and just stares at her while she talks. She is very protective of him and as we leave for the day and when she gets up she always asks where Nathan is.

We sure love this little guy and so glad he is part of our family.


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Happy Easter....

Sunday, April 17, 2011


It has been a wet rainy, snowy, windy Spring... it has been a little depressing and I think I have been more than a little bit grouchy (just ask Scott) the last couple of weeks. Yesterday was just what the doctor ordered... it was a beautiful sunny warm day and we spent every minute that we could outside. We spent the morning working on weeding the flower beds and then went to the park for a picnic and to play on the slide and swings.  It is amazing what a little sunshine does for the soul.

Olivia's new wheels.  She hasn't quite figured out how to peddle, but loves being pushed around.

This kid loves his hands in his mouth.  He keeps gagging himself with his fingers.  Liv and I were sitting on the flooring painting out toenails and Nathan was sitting in front of us.  I said to Nathan "Nathan Scott Magleby get your fingers out of  your mouth" and proceeded to pull them out of his mouth.  A second later  (after he stuck them in again) I hear Olivia say "Nathan Scott Magleby get your figures out of your mouth".   A good reminder to watch what I say around her.

This girl is so strong.  She climbs up to the monkey bars and holds herself up and swings.  

We had so much fun at the park.  Last night Scott and I got a sitter and went to dinner. As we were leaving a member of the bishoprich (clergy) stopped by to see if I would accept a calling to work in the nursery (class for 18 month-3 year olds in our church).  Liv has really struggled with nursery the last several weeks and I have spent most of my time in there anyway so it works out well.  This will be my fourth nursery calling in the seven years we have been married- either I must be good at it (or won't say no) or I am not and they are giving me another chance to get it right.   

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I am in a constant state of behindness (is that such a word?). There are so many things I need and want to get done, but in reality there is only so much time and somethings  have got to go. For the most part this does not affect anyone other than my little family, but recently I am feeling it overtake me.  This blog has been one of the things that gets neglected.  It is a little thing, but for me it is my way of documenting our life so that one day I can scrapbook it and will have all of the details.  I vow to be better because I want to remember when Nate started laughing and Liv had her first dentist appointment.

We have had a crazy fun couple of weeks - sick kids, sick daddy, a trip to Idaho, two trips to Brigham City, Liv a dentist appointment, doctor's appointments, family pictures, baby shower for Cindy,  Nathan's 3 month pictures, laundry, work, visits to the library, cleaning house, more laundry, the Carl Blanc exhibit at BYU followed by dinner at Brick Oven with Scott' family, and Liv at the Tree House Museum with her cousins.  Here is some of the proof...


This a terrible picture, but he is laughing here.  He is such a happy baby.

 We made Easter cupcakes for Liv to take to day care...

Liv went to the dentist for the first time yesterday.  She has talked of nothing since... the fish tank, they put water in her month, her two new tooth brushes, the monkey she got...

new Cinderella toothbrush.
We went to Idaho to get my family pictures taken.  It was so cold and windy that night, but because it has been over seven year since our last family picture we braved the elements (and possible hypothermia).  Here is our cute little family...

My sister-in-law Cindy is having her first boy in the next few weeks so the girl's went to dinner at Gator Jack's in Rexburg to celebrate... It was a fun place, good food, and great company.

Becky, me, and Jenny trying to get warm (after pictures)  in the back seat of the Tahoe.

Nate and Gracie- they are about four months apart. 

The granddaughters watching a movie on the portable DVD player.  There is a big screen in the next room, but they thought this was more fun.