Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Season in Full Swing

We have a fun couple of weeks at our house with many Christmas activities: 
We put up our tree... so far it has remained intact.  With the exception of the Elmo ornament, Nate hasn't even touched the tree.  Weird because he has torn apart all the nativities and everything else in the house.

This boy loves to color and to be on the counter.  I think he is writing his Santa list...  

We made our first batch of fudge of the year to send to Aunt Chelsey.

We went on a sleigh ride in Midway to Santa's Village.. unfortunately no snow so it was a hayride... but still lots of fun.

Nate and Santa

Liv and Santa

Olivia and I made up a batch of reindeer food for her school friends-.   My first Pinterest project that I actually completed.  I thought it turned out pretty cute.

Plus Olivia and I went to a hand bell concert at the Orem library and  we went to the Kid's Christmas party sponsored by the bank where we watched Arther Christmas.  And the fun has just begun... tonight we have a Hanukkah dinner with our neighbors,  two work parties next week, Nate and Olivia get to ride the Christmas train with Grandma and Grandpa Magleby next week (while mom and dad are at mom's work party), lots of present wrapping, more fudge making, a visit to Grandma Hillman's and Grandma Greats, and lots of other fun things.   I love this time of year.