Saturday, August 3, 2013

We have had a busy fun filled summer... it is hard to believe that it will be over in a few short weeks.   Scott told me this morning that the BYU football team started practice today so that means we are on the countdown to fall.   The following pictures are in no particular order but show what we have been up to this June and July:  
Olivia took swimming lessons for the first time she was the youngest in her class, but she did great!   

Nate wanted to swim with sister and wasn't to happy when I told him he wasn't big enough yet:
Olivia's daycare has a summer camp that she gets to go to on Tuesdays and Thursdays.   They have done some very fun things:  Here are pictures of her and her friends at Stewart Falls and Thanksgiving Point.  They have also been swimming, ice skating (picture further down), bowling, to the arcade, rode the Heber Creeper, and played at the splash park.   We love Just for Kids- especially Miss Tiffany who is Olivia's summer camp teacher.  

We had a weenie roast in our backyard- Liv and Mom loved it.  Nate and Daddy not so much.  

We went to Art City days with some of our favorite neighbors, The Brobergs.  The kids had a great time (more pictures further down).

Nate got his second shiner- this one from a kick in the head at daycare.  He is a tough boy and I am afraid this is going to be a common thing for him as he is so active (and a little bit crazy).

Liv and I got pedicures.   She is hooked...

Random pictures...

Ice Skating for Summer Camp:

Nate being cute, but stealing the Jamba Juice he was supposed to share:

We spent the 4th of July with Scott's family.  We tried to watch the hot air balloons, but they were cancelled due to potential lightning, we had breakfast at our house, watched Despicable Me 2, had a BBQ and water fight at grandpa and grandma's followed by motorcycle rides and fireworks.  What a fun day!

Nate loves Balls- he has gotten really into baseball this summer:
A magician came to the Springville library- Olivia got to be his assistant. 

Olivia participated in a Sports Camp through Springville City.  She loved it.   She is definitely athletic.

Random picture of Nate sleeping in Olivia's bed- I think he is ready for a big boy bed because he wants to sleep in Olivia's bed all of the time. 

Aunt Chelsey came home from her mission so we drove to Idaho to see her.  While there we ate ice cream at Reid's dairy, fed the animals, and walked around the Idaho Falls temple grounds. 

We signed Nate up for a summer gymnastics class.   He loves it!  In January when he turns 3 I think I will sign him up again.   He is so strong and he can easily pull himself up on the bars and flip himself over.   It has been great activity for him to burn off some energy. 

Random picture of Nate:

Playing at the new Splash Pad in Springville: So much fun and so close to our house.

Another Random picture of Nate:  Tired of taking family pictures.
For the Hillman family reunion we rented a cabin in Island Park for a couple of nights.   While there we took the girl's to at tea party with Belle at the Playmill in West Yellowstone and then watch Beauty and the Beast.  Olivia was transfixed.  We also spent some time boating and fishing at Island Park Reservoir.   The kids loved the boat and Olivia even went out on the tube- she thought it was so much fun. Nate looks like he is miserable in the picture below- but as soon as the boat stopped he asked to go again.   Mr. Serious.  Uncle Tyson taught the kids how to fish and Nate is still pretending he his fishing a week later.  Finally we went to Big Springs to feed the fish, but there were no fish so we fed the seagulls instead and then took a little hike.  What a fun weekend with our family. 

More Art City Day pictures:  Again Nate looks like he is so scared or miserable (something) but as soon as we got off he wanted to go again.