Monday, December 29, 2008

$100 Christmas

Scott and I decided we didn't need anything for Christmas this year. Instead of doing a big gift for each other we agreed that we would each have a $100 budget for Christmas this year and the rest of what we would normally spend would go into a vacation fund for our 5th anniversary trip to Hawaii later this year. I really tried to keep my end of the bargain- I made him BYU pajama pants, had my friend Annie take some pictures of me, made him a calender, and splurged on a new Guitar Hero game. All of this together-maybe $105. All through the month I kept asking him if he was sticking to the budget and he assured me that he was. A few days before Christmas I got home from work and there was a voicemail telling my that my sewing machine table was in and I could pick it up. There was only one problem- I did not order a sewing machine table. Guess what I got for Christmas? I have a sewing machine already; however, it has had some problems and I have had to borrow my mom's, my mother-in-law's, and my friend Sara's machines to complete my Christmas presents. Scott being the thoughtful generous guy that he is bought me a new machine. I love him dearly, but he really needs to learn to follow the rules.

Friday, December 19, 2008


One of my favorite Magleby Christmas traditions is making fudge. When Scott was a little boy his family would leave fudge for Santa Claus instead of cookies and milk. Scott has this recipe down to a science (boil for exactly seven minutes, add marshmellows before chocolate chips, strain the walnuts to shake off the nut dust...). The fudge turns out great everytime so I guess he knows what he is doing. It is good after it sets up, but the best part is eating it warm from the pan and licking the spoon.

It's beginning to look like Christmas

It finally snowed on Saturday (and continues to snow). I think this was all it took for me to shake off my Christmas blues because I woke up Saturday morning with the desire to decorate my house and wrap presents.

The nativities are out. Each year since Scott and I have gotten married we have purchased a nativity. I love them all, but this one is currently my favorite:

The tree is decorated. Another tradition we started when we got married was to buy an ornament each year depicting something that we have done or somewhere we had been. I really need to find one for this year. We got this tree from Scott's mom the first year we got married and it has worked perfectly. This year when we plugged it in part of the lights were not working. Somehow I touched the right branch at the right time and those set of lights starting working, but another section went out. We were able to put that section against the wall so unless you really look you can not tell, but I think I am going to be Christmas Tree shopping next year.

The stockings are hung and most of the presents are wrapped...
I guess it is finally starting to look and feel like Christmas at our house. It is about time.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

BYU played Utah State at the Energy Solutions Arena on Saturday. The game was so much fun. Both teams coming into this game were undefeated and had something to prove. It was loud, fast paced, and exciting to the very end- my kind of game. BYU even won by 5, despite missing about 100 free throws (okay it was more like 10, but it was way too many).

After the game we walked around temple square for a little while. It was incredibly beautiful. We ate dinner in the Joseph Smith building at the Navoo Cafe (try the turkey sandwich and Navoo chili if you ever eat there) and then headed to Midway for the night.

As a side note...I am making a little progress on my bah humbugness... I put up two of my nativities on Friday. The tree may have a chance yet.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Mrs. Grinch?

I am really not in the Christmas mood this year... typically by this time in December I have all of my Christmas decorations up and my Christmas cards done and mailed. Not this year... I just took my Halloween (yes you read that right Halloween) decorations down on Sunday, I don't even have an idea for my Christmas card yet, and I am really debating about not putting up a tree this year. Despite being the Grinch, I am almost done with my Christmas projects. These little guys are my most recent project to be completed. Earlier this week my amazing friend Sara helped me to piece these together and I am so excited how they turned out. I hope the two little girls I made them for love them as much as I do.