Tuesday, July 29, 2008

July Highlights...

I have been really bad about posting this month. I have been in a little bit of a funk. Hopefully August will be much better. This month has been very crazy and we have had a number of fun things happen. Here are some of the highlights:
  • Emma Rae, my newest niece, was born on July 15.- 7 lbs 12 oz, 21 inches, and a ton of hair.
  • I got my first passport.
  • We were called to the nursery, again.
  • We finished all of the requirements for the adoption process and are now just waiting for my background check to clear through Idaho before we can be approved.
  • Our garden began mass producing yellow squash- if you want some come and get it. We are also going to have about a million tomatoes in a month or so.
  • Matt and Cindy came to visit for the weekend.
  • Trent and Liz (our good friends from N.Y.) came over for dinner.
  • I did three Stamp' Up Parties.
  • We celebrated our 4th anniversary.
  • We went camping twice (see posts below)
  • I had LASIK (see post below).

Magleby Mountain

Scott's family spends the 24th of July weekend camping near Fish Lake in Central Utah. The Magleby family owns a number of acres in this area so we have affectionately labeled the area Magleby Mountain. We had a great time.


Those were the three numbers on my alarm clock this morning when I woke up today. It is about the typical time that I wake up everyday, but today these numbers were amazing to me...I could see them clearly and without the aid of contacts or glasses. I have worn glasses or contacts since I was in third grade - close to 23 years-oh I am getting old :). The last several years my eyes have gotten much worse and without contacts/glasses I would not have been able to function. Yesterday changed my life... I decided to have LASIK earlier this year, but I knew I had to wear my glasses for at least two weeks and was putting it off. I have not worn glasses in public for more than a day since I was 13 and got my first pair of contacts. Scott got a flyer on this great deal for LASIK that was good only until August 31, so on July 1st I decided to be brave and put the contacts away and pulled out the glasses. After 28 days of glasses, I am happy to report, that after a quick and painless surgery, I CAN SEE! Thank heavens for modern technology.

Monday, July 7, 2008


One of my family's favorite things to do in the summer is go camping. When we were kids, my parents had a shell camper that fit in the back of the pickup. I think my dad picked it up for $500 and after my mom made some new curtains and reupholstered the cushions it was as good as new. The kids would ride in the camper (probably something that was not really very safe, but a lot of fun) up to the Calamity Campground next the the Palisades Reservoir in Swan Valley, Idaho. All of us would sleep in the camper (keep in mind with mom and dad there were nine of us) and we would spend hours swimming in the reservoir. We loved it!

As we have gotten older we have outgrown the shell camper and have changed camping spots, but it is still fun for me to go camping with my family. So I was really excited when it worked out that Scott and I could join my family in Spencer this weekend. Thanks to all of the snow we got last year, it was still really green in the mountains and the wildflowers were amazing. We went on a 4 wheeler ride, went on a hike, cooked some good food over the fire, and relaxed.