Sunday, September 25, 2011

Nothing Exciting...

It has been a typical busy week at our house... nothing too exciting, but  here are the highlights.

On Tuesday night I hosted my monthly card making night-it is so much fun.  I spend my work week crunching numbers and  dealing with problem loans so it is really good for me to use the creative side of my brain every once in a while.  It has been so long I have had to shake of the cobwebs so I am  glad for an excuse to be crafty.

Wednesday nights are always crazy for us since Daddy is taking a night class at UVU and Olivia has gymnastics.

Friday night we had some of our neighbors over for dinner and to watch the BYU game.  Thank Heavens the outcome was a much better than last week.

Okay a little excitement... Saturday afternoon Scott and I went and saw Mary Poppins at the Capital in Salt Lake City.  It was so good. I kept thinking how much Liv would have loved the music and the dancing- maybe when she is a little bit older we will have to have a girls night at the theater. 

Since I realized I didn't photographically document any of these events here are some cute pictures of my kiddos.  We took these in August when we had all of the Hillman grand kids together.   These are some of my favorites:

Sunday, September 18, 2011

State Fair and Daddy's Birthday

On Friday was Scott's Birthday.  To celebrate we went out for pizza and then came home and had cake and ice cream.  There were lots of candles on that cake... We love you Daddy!

On Saturday we met Brittany's family at the Utah State Fair.  I think Olivia had a great time- she got to pet the rabbits, cows, sheep, and pigs.  

Nate was just happy to be there...

Then she got to go on the merry go round with Emma and Daddy. She surprised me and said she wanted to go on the Ferris Wheel with Mommy. I figured we would get to the top and she would be crying to get off, but she loved it.

You can't go to the fair without eating... we ate way to much and then had to grab some cotton candy on the way out....

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Its here...

...Football Season. Each year we try to hit an away game for BYU and this year we decided to go to Austin Texas and let the Legacy Club take care of all the details.  As always the trip was fantastic.  We flew out of the Provo airport Thursday morning (my favorite part of the whole trip) and spent the last three days melting and playing in the Texas heat.  We heard we were lucky that it was only 96 degrees as it had been 110 a couple of weeks before.  We left Olivia with Aunt Chelsey and took #2 with us- he was the most popular guy on the trip.  Thursday and Friday we lounged by the pool, did some shopping, found some local eating places (my favorites were Amy's Ice Cream and Thundercloud-a yummy sandwich place).  Saturday morning we  had chalk talk with some of the coaches and then headed to the game that night.  It was a sea of burnt orange, but surprisingly there were about 10,000 Cougar Fans there (out of 100,000).  Despite the noise and the heat little Nate took a nap and was an angel the entire game (and the entire trip for that matter).  Here are some of the highlights from the trip....

Here is Miss Olivia in her new BYU dress striking a pose at the park last week.

And little Nate on the swings... he hasn't decided he likes these yet.   Notice how puffy his hair is in this pictures.... I finally decided he had to get a haircut.  There is an old wife's tale that you are supposed to wait until they are a year old, but decided it couldn't wait another four months.  The poor kid sweats and sweats and I couldn't do anything with it so on Wednesday before we left for Texas he got a haircut.



What we took off: