Thursday, January 16, 2014

Nathan is 3

I can not believe that Nathan is already 3- it seems like yesterday that he joined our family.    To celebrate his birthday this year we had a birthday party with some of his friends from nursery and day care along with two of his cousins.  I found this cake on Pinterest (which Audrey from Aud Cakes recreated perfectly) and decided that a camping birthday party would be perfect.  

Favors: backpacks made out of lunch sacks and filled with water, granola bars, raisins and a flashlight. 

This is what I get when I ask this boy to smile- this is so Nathan.  Those eyebrows kill me every time he raises them.

A smile or a cheeser?

Two cakes- this one from his actual birthday- he loved blowing out the candles.

The kids earned Merit badges as they completed different tasks:  hiking (putting on hiking gear and hiking up the stairs- see picture below), fishing, crossing a stream, collecting firewood, and crawling through a log.  I think the kids had a fun time.
We sure love this little man!  So glad he is part of our family!