Saturday, July 21, 2012

So I don't forget...

Olivia says the funniest/smartest things sometimes and I say to myself- you need to write that down so you don't forget.  But then I don't and I do forget.  So this is post is so I don't forget the conversation I overheard this morning between Scott and Olivia.

Scott:  "Olivia, you are strong like a boy"
Olivia: "No Dad, I am strong like a girl"

Her response made me happy- I want her to be proud that she is a girl and know that it is awesome to be strong and smart.  I want her to grow up confident and not be afraid to try new things or go after her dreams or choose to do right even when it is hard.  She is an amazing little girl and I know that she is going to do big things with her life.

I took Mr. Nate for his 18 month check up on Thursday.  He is now 32.5 inches tall (50th percentile), 26.2 pounds (75th percentile, and his head is 19.25 inches (87th percentile).  The tubes have done their job and he has not had an ear infection for over four weeks.   Here are some more pictures from his 18 month photo shoot... isn't he handsome?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

More Summer Fun

 July has been a busy month so far... it all started with Scott and I celebrating our 8th anniversary on  July 3.  We celebrated  the following weekend by leaving the kids with Scott's cousins overnight and spending a fun night in SLC including dinner at the Roof.   I thought it was a little overpriced for the food, but the view was fabulous.  

On the 4th of July we hit the hot air balloons followed by breakfast at Cracker Barrel and the new Disney movie (Brave) in the afternoon.  It was a fun day with our little family.

Last weekend we had the Hillman family reunion near Ririe, Idaho.   Saturday it rained most of the day, but that did not stop us from swimming at Heise.   I am convinced that Olivia is part fish-she has really taken to swimming.  I am going to have to get her into some swimming lessons this fall.   Nate was in heaven- rocks, mud, puddles- what more could a little boy ask for?  We love our family.
Catching rain,,,

Ready for swimming...


Monday, July 9, 2012

18 Months

Picture by Angie Harwood Photography
The little man turns 18 months tomorrow.  Here are some fun things about Nate...
  • Favorite Foods: Chicken, crackers, strawberries, beans (all kinds- kidney, black beans, baked beans), cookies, Cheetos, milk, and apple juice
  • Toys: Trucks,trains, cars- anything with wheels.
  • Favorite people: Mommy, Daddy, and Livy
  • Favorite Books: Not my Monster, Touch and feel animals
  • Favorite TV Show: Little Einstein and Elmo. He will not sit through either of these, but will at least watch part of them.
  • What he is saying: Mom, Dad, Sis, Apple Juice, Cookie, Cracker, I get you, please, I love you, No, Up, Down, Grandma, Go, Go Cougars (Daddy is training him to be a BYU fan early), all done, Chicken, Bye Bye
  • Other things about Nate... He can count to three (sometimes 5), loves to sing (knows a lot of the ABC song), loves music, loves water, playing outside, does not like the sun to shine on him through window but loves being outside in the sun, is a lover (loves to give hugs) and a fighter (and hit his sister and others- not loving this), he is very happy and smiley, loves to climb, attack (picture him hunched over like a football player running straight for your legs, butting you with his head all while yelling arghh!!!), make messes, write on walls with markers (we have to keep writing utensils away from him), watching the washing machine and dryer, taking a bathes, pulling out the Tupperware and pots and pans, he is very strong, and can do a somersault pretty much by himself (Olivia has been teaching him)
We sure love the little guy!
I have lots to report on our fun busy summer... stay tuned.