Monday, April 23, 2012

Sick of Sick

We have been to the pediatrician four times this month and I for one am sick of sick kids (and I am sure they are sick of it too).   Poor Nate this weekend woke up Friday night around 10:00 p.m. screaming and did not stop most of the night.  Double ear infection with blisters in his ears- number 5 of the season.  He is feeling much better today and I am hoping we can make it a week without a trip to Dr. Anderson's office. 

This how he was most of the weekend-wrapped up in a blanket sitting- not at all like him. 

We went to visit my family in Idaho last weekend and while there we got to spend one day with my grandma.  At her house she has a lot of birdhouses and Liv thought it was the coolest things ever.  So we decided to get a humming bird feeding and try it out.  She was so excited.  

Poor Nate on Saturday.  I typically don't let him run around in his diaper but he was so hot and miserable we let him do pretty much whatever he wanted.

Dad turned on the sprinklers on Saturday and Liv had to run through the sprinklers.  It was still a bit chilly, but she didn't care.

WE ARE GETTING A FENCE and a deck !!!!  It should be done later this week.

Down from Liv and Nate's school there is a pond with a ton of ducks and geese- one night last week we took some bread over and feed them.   Nate thought it was great to chase the ducks and Liv loved feeding them.

Liv's Easter ears and bunny she made at school (with her Tangled glasses)

Just a cute picture of Nate.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Rough Week

It has been a bit of a rough week at our house. Last Saturday Miss Olivia woke up with a goopy eye... it got progressively worse though out the day and so we ended up taking her into the doctor- it was what I figured-pink eye.  Her eye had cleared up by Sunday night, but then Monday about noon I got a call from my sitter than Nate was showing the same signs.  I called the doctor and they had to see him before they would call him in a prescription so I sat in the doctor's office for about two hours and surprise he had pink eye!  Thankfully by Tuesday evening his eye had cleared up.  Friday morning as we were getting ready for work Nate was playing in his room and I hear him coughing and then retching- poor kid was so sick.  Since I stayed home on Tuesday with the pink eye outbreak Scott stayed home with Nate, which was a bad idea since he is very susceptible to stomach bugs.  Sure enough last night he came down with it and then Olivia woke up crying that her stomach hurt and a couple of hours later she starting throwing up.   Needless to say Easter hasn't been quite what we expected.  On top of all of this I had to teach Relief Society today, which I have been dreading.   The good news is my lesson went relatively well, everyone is feeling better and I haven't gotten the bug (knock on wood).   We are grateful for Easter and for the Savior's love for each of us.  Here's to a better week...
coloring egss at grandma's

Hunting for Easter eggs with Josie

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Life Goes On

I have neglected this blog the past several weeks and now it is hard to get back into updating because so much time has passed.  Lots has happened, but not really anything big.  

I guess the biggest change is I took a position offered to me at our Provo office.  I wasn't looking for anything new, but when they offered it to me it was something I couldn't turn down.  It is closer to home (and the kiddos) and it gives me some exposure to some larger credits that will ultimately be good for me career wise.  It really has been nice to be 10 minutes from home and I am finally starting to feel that I am part of the team.  

Olivia started preschool on Monday- so far so good.  Yesterday she told me that she learned about the numbers 23 and 27???   She has really struggled with bedtime the last several weeks and as a result we have cut out all naps.  Unfortunately she still needs the nap during the day, but if she takes one is up until 10 or 11, which is not good for her momma.   She is such a sweet girl at times and then the 3 year old tantrums come out the next minute.   For example I heard the following from her this week (probably on the same day): "Mom, Heavenly Father really takes care of us" (this was out of the blue at dinner one night)  and then "Mom- I don't like you"  (after I told her she couldn't have any more apple juice).   Oh the joys of a three year old.   She really is an amazing little girl- smart, funny, loving and I can't imagine life without her.

Nate is almost 15 months old- how is that possible??   This last few weeks he has really starting to talk and sing.  He currently says: momma, dadda, sis, up, down, apple juice, no, thank you and a whole bunch of other stuff I can not understand.  He likes to sing and I am pretty sure he is singing the ABC song and the Little Einstein theme song.   He knows where is nose and toes are.   He also knows that his shoes and socks go on his feet.  He likes us to do the "little piggy" rhyme on his toes and will pull his toes and start saying it (at least I assume that is what he is saying).  He is a climbing machine, loves being outside, loves his momma, has mastered the stairs, loves books (especially his - Not my Monster book), and got four molars this month.  He continues to be such a happy boy, but is taking some temper lessons from his sister.  He quickly finds trouble and is exhausting to keep up with and for that we love him that much more- we are lucky to have him in our family.

Scott continues to work hard as an "adult babysitter" (his words not mine) and is planning on taking his SHERM test again in June.  When he took the test in December he missed passing by a mere six points so I know he will pass with flying colors when he takes it next.  He is such a good daddy to my little ones and a wonderful partner for me.  

Here are some pics:

This is my first attempt at twist braids-a little rough, but I thought she looked so cute!

This is why you have birthdays- Happy Birthday to me from Scott.

Nate and his "Not my Monster" book. 

The result of me letting him feed himself.