Monday, June 27, 2011

Typical Saturday

Saturdays are  busy for our little family- we try to fit most of our errands and to do items into that one day. During the summer one of our biggest to do items is the yard.  Morning glory has taken over a couple of my flower beds and it is impossible to keep up.  Olivia has decided that she likes working in the yard... lots of mud and water to play in.  She is a big helper watering the squash and tomato plants...

Little Nate is getting extra cute these days as he gets a little chubby.  He is sitting up really well and is so smiley.  He is starting to eat a little more solid food and the other night he slept for seven hours.  His little scrape has healed for the most part, but he has this nasty looking scar under his left cheek... poor kid looks like he has been in a fight.

Miss Olivia was helping daddy fill the flour containers Saturday afternoon while we made cookies. Somehow she ended  up with flour all over her face, her clothes, her hands, in her hair...  I couldn't resist a picture of this cute messy face.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

First Shiner

It was bound to happen... boys are rough and end up with a lot of scraps and scratches, but this one was my fault.  We were taking pictures outside on some concrete, Nathan was sitting up so well, and then all of the sudden-face plant right into a brick.  Even with the scratches he still has the cutest baby face.

 It is Popsicle eating time... our tongues are lots of different colors these days...

Here are some pics of Liv at gymnastics... she loves it and I love that she loves it.

 One more of the cute Nater... he is getting so good at sitting up. 

Monday, June 13, 2011

Art City Days

This last week was crazy- crazy fun... 
  • On Tuesday Olivia started a summer mom and tot gymnastics class that goes for the next ten weeks.  She loves the trampolines.  She is not so sure about jumping in the foam pit (Mommy really liked it though).
  • My friend Abby came into town from Boise on Wednesday night and we had a fun  Thursday afternoon at the spa.  Massages- a little piece of heaven! 
  • Thursday night we went to the Art City Carnival.  Olivia cried on the motorbikes and trucks and then cried when she had to get off of the merry go round. 
  • Friday morning we up early and went to the Fireman's Breakfast before work.  We had pancakes as big as the plate and Olivia got to sit and drive an old fire truck in the fire station.
  • Saturday morning we got up before the sun and went to see the hot air balloons take off. After taking Abby to the airport we came home and the kids played in the swimming pool while mommy  attacked the weeds in the flower beds.
  • We LOVE Summer!

I often wonder why I wake up so tired in the morning... could it be these two kiddos who sometimes end up in my bed....

Monday, June 6, 2011

Park City

I have been feeling the vacation bug for a while now... I was dreaming of some place warm with some sun, salt water and sand, but for the time being a hotel swimming pool in Park City will have to give me my fix. 

I don't think Nate liked the pool very much- it was a little cold and he was ready for a nap, but he looked oh so cute in his little swim trunks.  Look at that chub on his chest he is starting to get... love baby rolls.

 Liv is part fish, but she got a little scared when she jumped off without mommy noticing and went completely under the water.  She was a little more cautious from then on.

This week is Springville's Art City Days.  As part of the celebration, the library has a teddy bear picnic for the kids and their furry friends.  I had a meeting this morning so Daddy volunteered to take Olivia.   She took two friends... Marvin the monkey and hippopotamus  (Daddy said she also wanted to take Stew the Steer and Sister the Llama but he held his ground).  The tea party started with a story in the theater about a hippopotamus that wanted to be something else, they then made hippo hats, ate gummy bears and kool-aid, and then went through an obstacle course.  I think Liv and Daddy both had a great time.

Now that Mr. Nate is almost five months old we have been given the go ahead by his pediatrician to start him on solid foods.   He tolerates rice cereal... even with his sister trying to feed him.  So far he likes strawberries and Popsicles (if we can get sister to share).