Saturday, August 25, 2012

More Summer Fun

As much as I enjoy summer- I was a little excited when I looked up on Y Mountain yesterday and noticed some patches or red and orange amidst the green.  Fall is favorite time of year- football, sweaters, pumpkins, cooler weather, Halloween, back to school, apples, - love it all. 

But since there is still a bit of summer of left we will enjoy every moment of it...

Last weekend we made a quick trip to Idaho for a family reunion with my mom's family.  It was fun to see my grandma and grandpa along with my some of aunts, uncles, and cousins I haven't seen for awhile.  The kids had a lot of fun playing in the water and  jumping on the trampoline.  We love Family.

Last Friday Olivia's school class went to Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake.  Since work was a little slow, I decided I would tag along.   They were short on adults so I ended up being a group leader for four little girls (including Olivia).  It was hot and by the end of the day all four girls were complaining their feet hurt, but overall I think they had a fun time.  It was fun for me to see Olivia interacting with her school friends and to spend some quality time with her.   

We have been doing lots of swimming this summer... here are the kids at Seven Peaks last night.  

Olivia is part fish...I see her like this a lot at the swimming pool.

Olivia and Scott crafting.  I found this fun website called Kiwi Crate. Each month Olivia gets a box of craft projects we can do together.  This month is was all about Robots.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Banker turned Race Car Driver??

I have a pretty good job... I have banker hours, never work on Saturdays, gets lots of vacation and 10 federal/state holidays per year.   Oh yeah and sometime I get paid to be a race car driver... literally.  The EVP over my division has a passion for race car driving and so when the opportunity came up he invited several of us to experience what race car driving is all about at Miller Sports Park.  I am not exactly sure why I was invited, but I have a hunch it is because I am female and since there are not many of us in my world that I was invited by default to fill a quota, which I am totally okay with. It was a lot of fun; however, I am not a very good race car driver as I hate driving sharp corners, get pretty motion sick, and haven't driven a manual car for over 10 years.   But it was awesome and I am glad I got to experience it because it would not have been something I would have signed myself up for.

We love the Olympics at our house... especially the summer Olympics and so we decided to celebrate by hosting an Olympic Opening Ceremonies party.  We invited most of our street and ended up with around 30 at our house to play games, eat pizza cooked on the grill, watch some opening ceremonies and get to know each other a little better.  It was a lot of fun.  Next time I will remember to pull out my camera.  Olivia has really liked the gymnastics, swimming (diving) and track.  She keeps practicing her gymnastics and diving off of the couch.  It has been fun for us to watch Gabby Douglas win gold for the United States.  Olivia keeps telling me... she looks like me mom and she does good tricks on the bars.  She has also been learning about the Olympics at school and even came home one day sporting a crown of leaves just like the real Olympians. 

We have been playing in the water a lot this summer.  Both in the backyard and at Seven Peaks (the water park up the street in Provo).   So much playing to do and so little summer left...