Friday, December 16, 2011

More Trouble

Yesterday afternoon I got the following text from my sitter:

"OH MY GOSH! Your son just gave me the biggest heart attack EVER.  He climbed OUT of his playpen upstairs & fell down my stairs.  He is fine; only cried for a min before giving me a big smile but im just in disbelief that an 11 mo old actually climbed out of a playpen.  Looks like I'll be moving it to my room downstairs"

I am predicting multiple emergency room visits for this boy. 

Saturday, December 10, 2011

11 Months

This little guy is 11 months old today- unfortunately he is celebrating the day with a double ear infection and is miserable.   If I had to use one word to describe Nathan at 11 months it would be: TROUBLE

He is  constantly getting into things, pulling his sister's hair, making noise, and  climbing up, on and into whatever he can.   And now he is walking... watch out Magleby family.   Although he is exhausting to keep up I adore that he is all boy and I sure love the little stinker.

The Friday after Thanksgiving, I had to work so Scott was home with the kids. Nate was in his highchair in the kitchen finishing his breakfast when Scott had to help Liv in the bathroom. After he is done with Liv, Scott comes into the kitchen and finds Nate standing up in his highchair and climbing onto the kitchen counter.    Needless to say he now gets strapped into his highchair.

Last Friday I was off and was doing some stuff in my craft room downstairs.  Olivia who is my shadow when I am home says to me " Mom, I need to stamp something".  She is her mother's daughter.  

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Making Memories

Each year BYU plays a basketball in the Energy Solutions Arena on a Saturday in December. We go up each year, but last year we decided to make a weekend of it. We got a hotel room at the Raddison, looked at the lights, ate out at some fun places, and swam in the hotel pool. We had such a great time that we decided to start a new tradition.   So this weekend when BYU played Oregon we packed our bags, got a room at the Raddison, spent an afternoon at the Gateway Discovery Center, did a little shopping, ate a lot of good food, swam in the pool, rode trax, looked at the lights on Temple Square, and hopefully made a lot of good memories for all of us.

This is from Thanksgiving, but it was so cute couldn't resist sharing.
 Liv and Nate both had a great time at the Discovery Center...

Lights at Temple Square (Day 1)

Riding Trax. 

Another cute Nate Picture...

Trying to take a pictures in front of the big tree in the Joseph Smith Building... Nate wanted nothing to do with it.

Brittany's Family and Aunt Chelsey joined us on Saturday night.... these two girls sure love each other...most of the time.

All of us at Temple Square.  Nate's asleep in the stroller.

We put up all the Christmas Decorations this week.... 

And Nathan started walking....