Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Enjoying Fall

Halloween has come and gone and Thanksgiving is next week... where has this year gone?  It has been such a good year for our little family!  Now that we have snow on the ground it has made me realize that Christmas is right around the corner.  I am looking forward to the holidays this year- especially Christmas. My kids are at such a fun age- it will be magical for them! 
Before the snow fell we have been enjoying the beautiful fall weather- up until this past Thursday it was 70 degrees and we have loved it.  Here is a little of what we have been up to the past couple of weeks...
Halloween:  The kids got to go trick or treating in the morning at school and so they came home with a big bag of candy before the night even started.  Nate wasn't sure what to think at first, but after the 5th or 6th house he started saying "Trick or Treat" and then trying to eat all of the candy he was given. Olivia was a pro, but got tired after about 45 minutes and was ready to go home.  I was okay with that.  She probably had more fun handing out candy at our house than the actual trick or treating.


We got our family (just kids this year) pictures done.   Angie Harwood took them and she did a great job catching their personalities.  I was worried how they were going to turn out since neither child wanted to cooperate that day, but I think she got some good ones.  Here is a sneak peak:   More to come on our Christmas card. 

Here are some random happenings... the last couple of weeks I have tried to take more pictures since I went for a spell without taking any

Teaching Liv how to wash dishes....
Scott's cousin Sarah took Olivia to the Living Aquarium on Saturday afternoon.  Olivia loved it... she got to pet a baby shark and  touch a sting ray.  When we picked her up she was so excited.. she kept telling me we need to go back with our whole family... we may have to do just that.

We got a ton of snow on Friday and Saturday... about a foot of heavy snow that broke several branches.  Nate thought it was so fun to eat and to throw... he kept saying "more snow".  Olivia made snow angels and helped us shovel the driveway.  It was a fun way to spend Saturday morning.

BYU Basketball has officially started.  It is going to be interesting with these two kids.  We have only had three games so far and they do pretty good for the first half, but by the second half it is Nate's bedtime and he gets to be a bit of a bear when he is tired.  He is busy and wants to climb up and down the chairs- thankfully everyone around us has been really nice.  Olivia wants to play on daddy's phone instead of watching the game... sigh.  Oh well... someday they are going to look back and this and remember how much fun it was- at least I hope they will.

So tired...

We had enough leaves in the back yard this year to make a pile for the kids to jump in to- they loved it.  Nate would climb up on the trampoline (it is only about a foot off the ground) and would dive in.  Liv thought it was great to be buried in the leaves and keep asking us to do it again and again.