Sunday, March 30, 2008

Crazy couple of weeks...

It has been crazy two weeks at the Magleby house...
For Easter we went to Scott's parents for dinner, an egg hunt and a birthday celebration for me.

On Monday I officially made it into my 30s. To celebrate I made Scott take me to Horton Hears a Who (he fought me the whole way, but I think he really liked it) and to Magleby's for dinner.

On Friday I made a quick trip to Idaho. Ron Crystal, the one who hired me at my first banking job, is retiring after 40 years in banking and his retirement party was that day. Ron is one of my favorite people and he is one of the people who I can honestly say changed my life. While I was in Idaho, I was able to see Jeanna and go to Chelsey's track meet in Rigby. As you can see from the picture it was cold... there was still a little snow on the ground and the wind was brutal. There are many things that I miss about Idaho, but the wind is not one of them.

As many of you know I have been studying to take my GMAT for the last several months and yesterday was the big day. I am glad that it over, but unfortunately I did not do as well I as I wanted to so it is likely that I will be taking it again in the next several weeks. After the test was over yesterday, I really started to question my sanity of going back to school... do I really want give up my weekends, give up time with Scott, spend thousands of dollars, and spend every spare minute studying for the next two and a half years? Is it really worth it? The jury is still out today... but my application is in.

Speaking of jury... I got home from work a couple of weeks ago and Scott tells me I got something in the mail. Thinking that I had gotten letter or a card from someone, I got a little excited. Imagine my disappointment when I realized it was a federal jury summons. for May -August. Who knows maybe I will get to be a juror in a major case like the ones John Grisham writes about...

Sunday, March 16, 2008


In sacrament meeting today one of the speakers mentioned that he was an only child and related some of his experiences as a youth. It got me thinking about my family and how I was blessed to have seven siblings. I can remember as a teenager selfishly thinking how nice it would be to be an only child. As I have gotten older however I have realized how much of a blessing my siblings are. We fought as any siblings do, but as we have gotten older we are very lucky in the fact that we all get along and enjoy spending time together. And although we can be very different -we are very much the same as well. I can not imagine spending the Eternities without them. The picture above is my sisters at my brother's wedding in February. Aren't we a beautiful group?

Monday, March 10, 2008

My 100

On my sister-in-law's blog she had a really fun thing. It was a list of 100 things about her and she challenged those of us who had not done it to do the same. It is much harder than it sounds, but I challenge you to make your own list. Here is mine...

1. I love long Sunday afternoon naps.
2. I love to read
3. I talk in my sleep (a lot).
4. I was Senior Class President at Firth High School
5. I have worn glasses/contacts since I was in third grade.
6. I am as blind as a bat without them.
7. I hate clutter-especially in my house.
8. I love to scrapbook and make cards.
9. At one point in my childhood I wanted to be a marine bioligist
10. I worked at Mcdonald's just shy of five years.
11. I have been a banker for ten years.
12. At three different banks.
13. My first car was a 1984 red t-top camaro.
14. I have been pulled over four times- only gotten a ticket once.
15. It took me seven years to get my bachelor's degree
16. I was born on my Uncle Dennis's birthday
17. I am scared of big dogs.
18.I love kickboxing- I need to do more of it.
19.I love the smell in the air after it rains.
20. I love tulips and daisies
21. I was 27 the first time I went to Disneyland
22. I had to wait until I was 12 to get my ears pierced.
23. I met Scott online at
24.Our first date was a BYU basketball game
25.I played basketball for five years in Jr. High and High School- I was never very good.
26.I ran track only my freshman year of high school.
27. I love the smell of fresh cut grass.
28. I read really fast- I get it from my mom.
29. My favorite Disney Movie is Robin Hood
30. I have 50 cousins on my dad's side of the family
31. I have 13 cousins on my mom's side of the family
32. I hated country until I was 25, now it is pretty much all I listen to.
33. Thunder and lightning scare me- especially at night.
34. I love to go camping with my family.
35. I missed five on my first driver's license test- you could only miss five to pass.
36. I have only lived in Idaho and Utah
37. I have always wanted brown eyes
38. I really like History
39. I can touch my nose with my tongue.
40. I love my new house
41. My favorte colors today are Chocolate Chip and Wasabi Gree (it changes almost everyday)
42. I am a terrible speller.
43. I love to travel
44. I still haven't decided what I want to be when I grow up.
45. I can be very stubborn.
46. My favorite cartoons when I was little were the Smurfs and Tom& Jerry.
47. I took piano lesson for four years
48. I played the clarinet in Jr. High
49. I took 4H for four years- cooking, sewing, and babysitting
50. I won 8 blue ribbons in the state fair for my 4H projects.
51. My favorite 80's movies are Steele Magnolias and Dirty Dancing
52. I have been on 3 cruises
53. I watch a lot of Food Network
54. I hate cleaning out the fridge
55. I have known my best friend Jeanna for 17 years
56. Thin Mints are my favorite Girl's Scout Cookies.
57. I can not each cooked oatmeal- the texture gags me.
58. I have the same problem with bananas.
59. I hate raisins
60.I am very independent- I have a hard time letting others help me
61. I have an older sister who died when I was 3 weeks old.
62. I really don't like shopping
63. I like St. Patrick's Day because it is always a week before my birthday
64.I can't wait to have grass in my yard- I do not look forward to putting it in.
65. I can't wait to be a mom.
66. I love being married
67. I really enjoy the Harry Potter series (I think I have read it 6 or 7 times)
68. My favorite books as a child where Box Car Children and anything by
Beverly Cleary
69. Seattle is one of my favorite places to visit.
70. When I was a kid we used to swin in the ditches and canels to keep cool.
71. In the fall, I love the sound of leaves as walk through them.
72. My first pet was a collie named Blondie
73. I have lived in 12 different house/apartments in my life
74. I have owned 3 cards- a 1985 Grand Am, a 1997 Grand Am, and a 2005 Corrolla.
75. I love Cadbury Eggs- the ones with the hard candy shell
76. I have five sisters and 2 brothers.
77. I am second, but had the role of the oldest.
78. I think this is where I get my Type A personality from.
79. I have never been to Europe
80. I usually get a new purse every six months- this drives Scott crazy.
81. After kindergarten, I had a rock collection that I kept under my bed in glass jars and water (My kindergarten teacher taught us this).
82. I almost accidently cut my brother finger off with a knife once.
83. I love Salt and Vinegar Chips.
84. I love my back scratched.
85. I do not like feet.
86. As I teenager I watched shows like The Cosby Show, Full House, Growing Pains, and Quantum Leap.
87. I had 72 people in my graduating class
88. I took both German and Spanish in High School
89. I do not remember much of either one.
90. I wish I could sing.
91. In eigth grade I was a fill in dancer for the high school drill team for a performance in the Holt Arena (where ISU plays football).
92. This was not because I could dance, but because my friend's mom was the coach and they needed a body- I fit the bill.
93. I love Spring...
94. and Fall
95. I graduated from Idaho State University in Business.
96. I was on the Dean's list one semester my senior year in college.
97. I regret not going away to college.
98. I wish I would have served a mission.
99. I love Squirt in a plastic cup.
100. I love blankets- it can be 90 degrees outside and I want to be wrapped up with a blanket (at least in the house).

Well there you are... 100 things about me.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Signs of Spring

I love Spring! About the middle of January I start to get an itch for sunshine, tulips, and green grass after a long cold winter. So you can imagine by March, I am really excited to see Spring on its way. Each morning on my way to work, I drive by this little farm that has sheep in one of the fields. Over the past several weeks I have noticed a number of lambs in with the other sheep. They are so cute and to me a sign that Spring is definitely coming. So on Tuesday I just had to stop and take a picture. I also noticed crocuses in the flower beds at Thanksgiving Point today-another sure sign of Spring. Only 14 days to go.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Lazy Saturday

When I started this blog a couple of weeks ago, I promised myself that I would post something once a week. I am already behind, oh well... that is the story of my life. Today was a typical lazy Saturday at our house. We made a quick run to Costco and came home and cleaned the house. With Scott's help, I even cleaned out the fridge. For those of you who know me well, this is a great accomplishment. I absolutely hate cleaning out the fridge. I also studied for the GMAT, which I am taking on 03.22.08. High school math is my nemesis right now- why didn't I take this test right out of high school when I remembered how to do this stuff? Scott entertained himself by playing baseball on his PlayStation. He loves that thing. He rotates sports depending on the time of year. Since he is playing baseball- Spring must be on its way. My Sophie turns 2 today!!