Sunday, November 3, 2013

October Recap (and a little bit of September)

This past week I was looking through some old blog post looking for a recipe that I posted in 2008.  It was so fun for me to go through these post and read our day to day happenings- I have been slacking on my blog this past year and I need to be better about documenting our every day events.
Olivia finished her soccer season the end of September.  We spent eight days in Cincinnati during the middle of her season and she missed  three games, which set her back a bit, but she had a great time playing.  One of our neighbors, Lisa Broberg, was her coach and she had all of her friends were on her team- The Green Monsters.  

Nate is taking a music class through BYU Young Musicians Academy.  It has been really fun for him to learn to new songs, play some new instruments, and learn more about music.  

Scott had a birthday- the last in his 30's.  To celebrate we had a Mike Wasowsky cake made- the cake had a little mishap, but tasted delicious- the kids thought it was awesome.

We are teaching Nate to NOT text and drive.

Candyland on a Sunday morning waiting for church to start.

At the pumpkin patch...

We made a visit to Idaho to work on Christmas presents.   Nate loved "helping" grandma and mommy sew.
 The girls being silly.
Olivia and I met Brittany and her girls at Gardner Village for breakfast with the witches- so fun. 

For Halloween the kids were Jake and Izzy from Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  Definitely the cutest pirates I have ever seen.  They had a party the Friday before Halloween, went trick or treating in the morning at preschool and then went trick or Treating Halloween night- we are on candy overload.


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